Contact information for Lucile Moore, author and biologist

Lucile welcomes feedback on her books (A House Rabbit Primer, When Your Rabbit Needs Special Care, Touched by a Rabbit, and Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing) and on the rabbit health survey.

Write to her at: or


 Answers to guess the breed of my rabbits on photo page:

Holland Lops: Timmy, Sweetie Pie, and Magic.

Dutch Rabbits: Binky (black), Pixie (Harlequin), Funny Face (steel), Bunnyman (gray), and Sir Charles (black).

Satin: Anthony

American Fuzzy Lop: Fuzzy Wuzzy Fuzzbug

Mini Lops: Muffy and Benjamin Bunny

Mini-Rex: Snugglebiter

Standard Rex (champagne): Roy

New Zealand/English Spot Mix: Siegfried

English Lop: Rapunzel

Dutch/Fuzzy Lop/New Zealand mix: Dolly

Polish: Ruby

Lionhead: Elvis

Rex/New Zealand/Mini Lop mix: Angel-bunny




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