MUFFY                                    TIMMY                                    RAPUNZEL                SIEGFRIED (rt.) & ROY (left)


                    PIXIE                                            MAGIC                                  BINKY, SWEETIE PIE, AND FUNNYFACE           


             SNUGGLEBITER                               DOLLY                              RUBY & ELVIS              FUZZY WUZZY FUZZBUG   



         ANGEL-BUNNY                     ANTHONY                                       BUNNYMAN


                           SIR CHARLES                                                                        BENJAMIN BUNNY                     


I have a variety of breeds/mixes among my rabbits: three Holland Lops, five Dutch (steel, gray, Harlequin, and black), New Zealand/Rex/Mini Lop mix, Rex, Mini Rex, Dutch/Fuzzy Lop/New Zealand mix, Satin, English Lop, two Mini Lops, Lionhead, New Zealand/English spot mix, Polish. See if you can figure out which rabbit is which breed/mix from the rabbit photos - (answers on contact page).


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