Rabbit Nutrition and Nutritional Healing provides rabbit owners with a resource in which they can find data on rabbit diet summarized and presented in terms the layperson can understand and use. Information on each nutrient is given, as well as recommendations on the amounts that are needed for the optimal health of rabbits. The nutritional content of many rabbit-safe foods is provided in easy-to-read tables and a detailed index makes searching for specific information fast and simple.

The expanded second edition is in a larger format for easier reading, contains more illustrations, information on the nutritional content of several specialty fruits and vegetables, new charts, and a new chapter on special diets. Additional topics covered include: mycotoxins, phytonutrients, rabbit-toxic plants, signs of nutritional deficiencies, how to select hay and commercial feeds, and how to interpret feed labels. Here, in one volume, is everything the rabbit owner needs to know about feeding rabbits and improving their health through good nutrition.

Guest contributors include Kathy Smith (Rabbit Health in the 21st Century), Lisa Hodgson, editor/publisher of the British full-color rabbit magazine Bunny Mad! and Australian Christine Carter (The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits). Multiple black-and-white illustrations by pet portrait artist Evonne Vey add interest to the timely topics in this volume.

For those who purchased the first edition and are wondering whether to buy the second edition as well, here are some figures:

     First edition has 28 illustrations; second edition has 61

     First edition has 459 primary index entries; second edition has 558

     First edition has 67, 483 total words; second edition has 90, 402




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